Mapp Lab Mission Statement


The Mapp Lab believes that it is only a diverse and inclusive multidisciplinary research culture that enables lab members to work to their highest potential, advance our scientific objectives, and develop the next generation of innovators, scientists, and leaders.


The Mapp Lab believes that it is only through the unified commitment to and active involvement of each member that a diverse and inclusive environment for all can be created. We assert that members perform best in an environment where they are individually valued, their ideas are heard, and their unique perspectives respected. A culture where everyone feels they belong is our greatest strength in sustaining our intellectual and creative pursuits.

Strategic Objectives

  • Advance our culture of diversity and inclusion

    • Discussion of this statement and philosophy with each new group member

    • Yearly group conversation regarding Mapp Lab statement, philosophy and objectives

    • Empower lab members with specific response and intervention strategies to address events and behaviors inconsistent with our mission

    • Provide resources for assistance with challenges in climate and/or research progress

  • Enhance our research and reputation

    • Weekly megagroup discussions to facilitate collaboration and mentoring

    • Yearly retreats that focus on research innovation and accomplishments and the climate that fosters them

    • Regular group writing sessions to hone our communication skills

  • Build the research community around us

    • Play a leadership role in the University and Life Sciences Institute Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts

    • Provide an environment that enables the success of visiting high school and undergraduate students

    • Develop collaboration and communication networks to span the scientific diversity at the University of Michigan