Jiandie Lin Lab

We investigate the mechanisms that regulate nutrient and energy metabolism, and how they become reprogrammed in obesity and metabolic diseases.

Our Research

Our laboratory investigates the mechanisms that regulate nutrient and energy metabolism in cells, tissues, and organisms.

We focus on elucidating how the metabolic properties of tissues are specified during development and reprogrammed in disease, dissecting the genetic and epigenetic mechanisms of metabolic regulation, and discovering novel secreted factors in systemic metabolic crosstalk.

Publication Highlights

Long noncoding RNA licensing of obesity-linked hepatic lipogenesis and NAFLD pathogenesis

Zhao XY, Xiong X, Liu T, Mi L, Peng X, Rui C, Guo L, Li S, Li X, Lin JDNat Commun (2018)

Hepatic neuregulin 4 signaling defines an endocrine checkpoint for steatosis-to-NASH progression

Guo L, Zhang P, Chen Z, Xia H, Li S, Zhang Y, Kobberup S, Zou W, Lin JD, J Clin Invest. (2017)

Glucose Sensing by Skeletal Myocytes Couples Nutrient Signaling to Systemic Homeostasis

Meng ZX, Gong J, Chen Z, Sun J, Xiao Y, Wang L, Li Y, Liu J, Xu XZS, Lin JDMol Cell (2017)

The brown fat-enriched secreted factor Nrg4 preserves metabolic homeostasis through attenuating hepatic lipogenesis

Wang GX, Zhao XY, Meng ZX, Kern M, Dietrich A, Zhou D, Okunade AL, Su X, Li S, Bluher M, Lin JD, Nat Med (2014)

BAF60c drives glycolytic muscle formation and improves glucose homeostasis through Deptor-mediated AKT activation

Meng ZX, Li S, Ko HJ, Lee Y, Okutsu M, Yan Z, Kim JK, Lin JDNat Med (2013)

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