X.Z. Shawn Xu Lab

We investigate how organisms detect and process sensory cues — such as temperature, touch, light and chemicals — and the influence these sensory stimuli have on behavior, and on genetic programs affecting health and longevity.

Our Research

Our lab studies sensory biology, including mechanosensation, thermosensation, chemosensation, photosensation and nociception. We focus on:

  • Sensory transduction: Identifying novel sensory receptors and channels that sense temperature, touch, chemicals and light, and investigating how they regulate sensory signaling and behavior
  • Sensory processing: Identifying neural circuits and synaptic mechanisms underlying sensory behavior and drug dependence
  • Sensory regulation of aging and longevity

Administrative Assistant Emily Pappas

Room 6115
Life Sciences Institute
Mary Sue Coleman Hall
210 Washtenaw Avenue
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2216