David Sherman Lab

We harness the power of chemistry that has evolved inside of microorganisms to pioneer new antibiotics, anti-cancer drugs and other medicines.

Our Research

Composed of a dynamic, interdisciplinary team of scientists, the Sherman laboratory studies the biosynthesis of natural products from microbes that include cyanobacteria, actinomycetes, and myxobacteria. We are inspired by natural products from both terrestrial and marine organisms and seek to better understand their origins using a set of tools that includes molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, structural biology, and bioorganic chemistry.


David Sherman, Ph.D.

Research Professor, U-M Life Sciences Institute
Hans W. Vahlteich Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, U-M College of Pharmacy
Professor of Microbiology and Immunology, U-M Medical School
Professor of Chemistry, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts

Publication Highlights

Engineering sequence and selectivity of late-stage C-H oxidation in the MycG iterative cytochrome P450

Iizaka Y, Arai R, Takahashi A, Ito M, Sakai M, Fukumoto A, Sherman DH, Anzai Y, J Ind Microbiol Biotechnol (2022)

Ribosome-binding and anti-microbial studies of the mycinamicins, 16-membered macrolide antibiotics from Micromonospora griseorubida

Breiner-Goldstein E, Eyal Z, Matzov D, Halfon Y, Cimicata G, Baum M, Rokney A, Ezernitchi AV, Lowell AN, Schmidt JJ, Rozenberg H, Zimmerman E, Bashan A, Valinsky L, Anzai Y, Sherman DH, Yonath A, Nucleic Acids Res (2021)

Biosynthetic cyclization catalysts for the assembly of peptide and polyketide natural products

Adrover-Castellano ML, Schmidt JJ, Sherman DH, ChemCatChem (2021)

Structural diversification of hapalindole and fischerindole natural products via cascade biocatalysis

Hohlman RM, Newmister SA, Sanders JN, Khatri Y, Li S, Keramati NR, Lowell AN, Houk KN, Sherman DH, ACS Catal (2021)

Computationally-guided exchange of substrate selectivity motifs in a modular polyketide synthase acyltransferase

Kalkreuter E, Bingham KS, Keeler AM, Lowell AN, Schmidt JJ, Sherman DH, Williams GJ, Nat Commun (2021)

Molecular basis of iterative C─H oxidation by TamI, a multifunctional P450 monooxygenase from the tirandamycin biosynthetic pathway

Newmister SA, Kinshuk RS, Espinoza RV, Haatveit KC, Khatri Y, Martini RM, Garcia-Borràs M, Podust LM, Houk KN, Sherman DH, ACS Catal (2020)

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Diving for Discovery

Pharmaceutical Discovery from Cyanobacteria at the U-M Biological Station