Connie Wu Lab

We integrate materials engineering and single-molecule detection to develop new technologies for identifying disease biomarker signatures and delivering therapeutics, with applications in cancer and other diseases.

Our Research

Our lab works at the interface of biology, bioanalytical chemistry, and materials and biomolecular engineering to develop technologies that can address diagnostic and therapeutic challenges related to human health. 

Our long-term translational goals are to:

  1. accelerate biomarker signature discovery for applications in cancer and other diseases; and 
  2. engineer multifunctional RNA therapeutics and rationally designed nanomaterials.      
Connie Wu

Publication Highlights

Ultrasensitive detection of circulating LINE-1 ORF1p as a specific multi-cancer biomarker

Taylor MS*, Wu C*, Fridy PC, Zhang SJ, … Walt DR, and Burns KH, Cancer Discovery (2023; *co-first authors)

High-throughput, high-multiplex digital protein detection with attomolar sensitivity

Wu C,* Dougan TJ,* Walt DR, ACS Nano (2022; *co-first authors)

Single-molecule measurements in microwells for clinical applications

Wu C,* Maley AM,* Walt DR, Crit Rev Clin Lab Sci (2019; *co-first authors)

Connie Wu, Ph.D.
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