Mosalaganti Lab Life


Congratulations Jiameng Zong for passing her Biophysics checkpoint 2 exam!!! We are so happy for you!

We have two new Grad students who recently joined our lab! 

We would like to officially welcome Martin Fernandez and Renaldo Sutanto!!! 

Welcome our newest Research Investigator Qianqian Ma!

Qianqian earned her Ph.D. from Miami University and completed her postdoctoral training at John Hopkins University, where she developed an interest in lipid kinases. Her project involved investigating the structure and function of a mammalian DGK, which plays a crucial role in shaping membrane architecture and regulating synaptic vesicle recycling. In the Mosalaganti lab she aims to enhance her professional and academic skills, especially in the area of in situ Cryo-ET. She is interested in exploring membrane contact sites and the structural and functional role of lipid modulating enzymes. 

Congratulations Tyler for getting accepted into the Ph.D. program for Biological Chemistry here at UMich!!!

Congratulations to Matthew for receiving the Microscopy Society of America's Undergraduate Research Scholarship! 


We are so happy for you!!

Congratulations to Amanda and Tyler for their recent awards!

Tyler received the LSI Cubed award with the Parent Lab, and Amanda received the Travel Award for the GRC this year. 

We are so happy for them!!

Congratulations Jaimin Rana for passing his candidacy exam!!! We are so happy for you!