Vivian Cheung Lab

We investigate the genetics of gene regulation to better understand human health and disease.

Our Research

Our lab studies RNA processing in human cells. We are interested in basic mechanisms that contribute to variation in gene expression in normal physiologic conditions and in response to stress. We use molecular and computational methods to study cellular processes in normal and diseased cells.

Publication Highlights

Senataxin Mutation Reveals How R-Loops Promote Transcription by Blocking DNA Methylation at Gene Promoters

Grunseich C, Wang IX, Watts JA, Burdick JT, Guber RD, Zhu Z, Bruzel A, Lanman T, Chen K, Schindler AB, Edwards N, Ray-Chaudhury A, Yao J, Lehky T, Piszczek G, Crain B, Fischbeck KH, Cheung VG, Mol Cell (2018)

RNA-DNA sequence differences in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Wang IX, Grunseich C, Chung YG, Kwak H, Ramrattan G, Zhu Z, Cheung VG, Genome Res (2016)

RNA-DNA differences are generated in human cells within seconds after RNA exits polymerase II

Wang IX, Core LJ, Kwak H, Brady L, Bruzel A, McDaniel L, Richards AL, Wu M, Grunseich C, Lis JT, Cheung VG, Cell Rep (2014)

Widespread RNA and DNA sequence differences in the human transcriptome

Li M, Wang IX, Li Y, Bruzel A, Richards AL, Toung JM, Cheung VG, Science (2011)

Mapping determinants of human gene expression by regional and genome-wide association

Cheung VG, Spielman RS, Ewens KG, Weber TM, Morley M, Burdick JT, Nature (2005)

Genetic analysis of genome-wide variation in human gene expression

Morley M, Molony CM, Weber TM, Devlin JL, Ewens KG, Spielman RS, Cheung VG, Nature (2004)

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