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LSI in the News 2015

A round-up of media stories about LSI research and researchers from 2015.


Beyond Nature's Chemistry

The newest member of the LSI faculty aims to bridge the gap between the powerful chemistry developed over millions of years of evolution by bacteria, fungi and other natural organisms, and cutting-edge synthetic chemistry techniques.


Daniel Klionsky wins van Deenen Medal

LSI faculty member Daniel J. Klionsky was awarded the 2015 van Deenan Medal from the Institute of Biomembranes at Utrecht University in The Netherlands.


Pedro Cuatrecasas to receive honorary degree from U-M

Pedro Cuatrecasas, M.D., a renowned leader in the pharmaceutical industry and co-chair of the University of Michigan Life Sciences Institute Scientific Advisory Board, is scheduled to receive honorary degrees at Winter Commencement 2015.

Resistance mechanism found against new antibiotics

A team from the LSI, University of Illinois, Chicago, and University of Southern Denmark has identified a resistance mechanism against ketolides, a new type of antibiotics just entering widespread use.