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LSI to lead four-day cryo-EM workshop

The LSI will lead a four-day cryo-electron microscopy workshop in June to introduce participants to common image processing software packages.

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From Liberia to LSI, and back again

A residency at the U-M Life Sciences Institute is helping one visiting scholar from Liberia build research capacity at his university.  

LSI welcomes new faculty member

The LSI’s newest faculty member is studying how the brain controls rhythmic breathing — and how these same circuits might be recruited to help fight conditions such as sleep apnea and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). 

Clues to aging found in stem cells' genomes

In fruit flies, repeating genetic elements shrink with age but then expand in future generations, a resurgence that may help explain how some cells stay immortal. 

LSI in the News 2017

A round-up of media stories about LSI research and researchers from 2017.

Diving into science diplomacy

Graduate student Amy Fraley recently joined faculty member David Sherman on his latest expedition in Cuba, where strict barriers have prevented access for nearly 60 years.