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At the LSI cryo-EM lab, our goal is help researchers from across the university perform the best structural biology possible and leverage the power of cryo-EM.

How to Work with Us

  • Read our getting started guide, which explains the type of samples and information you will need.
  • Complete a request form 
  • We'll then schedule a one-on-one meeting with you to discuss strategies for your project.

External Inquiries

Grant Assistance 

Download and edit the letter of support to suit the needs of your grant submission, and return to [email protected] for a final signature.  

Acknowledgment Statement

Below is suggested language for recognizing the center's contributions to your work: Research reported in this publication was supported by the University of Michigan Cryo-EM Facility (U-M Cryo-EM). U-M Cryo-EM is grateful for support from the U-M Life Sciences Institute and the U-M Biosciences Initiative.