Mass Spectrometry

The Life Sciences Institute's Mass Spectrometry facility provides both open and assisted services for LSI researchers. Our state-of-the-art Agilent instruments include a LC/Q-TOF and a LC/TOF, which offer mass spectrometry analysis of small molecules, peptides and proteins. 


  • Open use — LSI researchers can reserve time and request training
  • Full service — sample submission
  • Staff consultation:
    • Instrument operation of Agilent LC/MS and Rapidfire MS
    • Method development on LC/MS and Rapidfire MS instruments
    • MS data analysis and interpretation of small molecules, peptides, and proteins
    • LC/MS/MS setup, method development, and data analysis
    • Quantitation
    • Agilent software usage including MassHunter, BioConfirm, and Molecular Structure Correlator
    • Structure elucidation project of reference and unknown compounds
    • Report writing and assisting in grant submission