Center for Structural Biology

Comprehensive cloning, protein purification and macromolecular X-ray crystallography — supporting discovery science and therapeutic projects.

About Us

The Center for Structural Biology is a comprehensive structural biology resource for researchers at the University of Michigan and beyond. Part of the U-M Life Sciences Institute, the CSB includes:

  • a high-throughput protein laboratory for protein engineering
  • protein purification facilities for small- and large-scale protein production
  • macromolecular crystallization and crystallography laboratories for solving crystal structures of biological molecules
  • an X-ray facility with access to high energy synchrotron radiation

Our dedicated staff scientists have years of academic and industry experience, allowing us to provide expert guidance to researchers through every stage of a project — collaborating and consulting with researchers who use the facilities. We also have a programmatic collaboration with the LSI's Center for Chemical Genomics, allowing the determination of target proteins in complex with compounds identified in high-throughput screening. Our services are available to U-M researchers as well as to outside academic and industry partners.

Our Services

Researcher working at a PCR machine

Our high-throughput protein lab can help you obtain the protein you need for your research. We evaluate expression yields from multiple gene constructs, vectors, growth conditions and expression systems to determine which combinations can best meet the needs of your project.

We provide a full range of crystallographic services ranging from crystallization through structure analysis and homology modeling. These services can be provided in the form of personnel training or full-contract services.

We provide a variety of small- and large-scale purification services — from less than 1 milligram to 100 milligrams — that can be tailored to your research needs. These services can be provided in the form of personnel training or full-contract services.

Getting Started

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Grant Assistance

Download an editable letter of support and resource descriptions to support your grant submission.

X-Ray Facilities

We offer an on-site X-ray facility and access to an off-site, high-energy synchrotron facility at Argonne National Laboratory.