Macromolecular Crystallization & Crystallography

Macromolecular Crystallization & Crystallography Lab

Jeanne Stuckey, Ph.D., CSB Managing Director
Room 3358E
Life Sciences Institute
Mary Sue Coleman Hall
210 Washtenaw Avenue
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2216

Crystallography Projects


We provide a full range of crystallographic services ranging from crystallization through structure analysis and homology modeling. These services can be provided in the form of personnel training or full contract services. To start or discuss the feasibility of a crystallography project, please contact Jeanne Stuckey to set up a project consultation.

Crystallization Services

The center provides two types of crystallization services.

Robotic Screening

Robotic screening is performed on a new protein or complex for which crystallization conditions are unknown. The robotic screening uses a 96-well format to screen up to three different samples simultaneously (at a single rate). The samples can be different proteins, different sample concentrations, different protein-ligand complexes, or a single protein and a buffer alone control and/or a ligand+buffer control sample. We recommend running four unique screens (96 conditions each) to ensure broad sampling of crystallization space.

Grid Screening

We also provide traditional grid screening using the hanging- or sitting-drop method in a 24-well format. This type of screening is used to screen around hits found in the robotic screen, and for screening around published conditions for proteins with known crystallization protocols. The number of samples that can be screened simultaneously is dependent on the method used. For protein-drug complexes, we use the sitting drop method in which up to four drug complexes can be screened simultaneously.

Crystallization experiments can be monitored either on-site using a microscope or remotely via a desktop imager.