Screening Services

Image-Based High-Throughput Screening

Image-based HTS (using IXM) allows phenotypic analysis of small molecule and siRNA screens. These assays can be performed in multiwell plates with kinetic or endpoint reads. Analysis of images is user-defined, automatic, and multi-parameter.

Compound High-Throughput Screening (HTS)

  • >200,000 small molecules (diversity sets)
  • Kinase activity libraries
  • Bioactive collections (clinically tested)
  • Drug-like compound library
  • >45,000 natural product extracts (novel collection)

RNA Interference High-Throughput Screening

  • Dharmacon siGenome SMARTpool library:
    • Human Genome siRNA set targets 18,200 genes, 68 source plates, 384-well format
    • Druggable targets, Subset targets, 3520 genes, 96- or 384-well format
    • Mouse Genome siRNA set targets 16,873 genes, 63 source plates, 384-well format

Instruments/Technology Platforms

  • Detection formats: 96-, 384-  & 1536-well plates
  • High-Content Screening: Image Xpress Micro
  • HTS Flow: Accuri/Hypercyt
  • Three Multimode plate readers: Abs, FI, FP, Lum, FRET, BRET, ALPHA, TR-FRET, HTRF

Robotics, Liquid Handling, Compound Plates

  • Multichannel plate handling robotics for compound and assay applications
  • Bulk liquid handlers
  • Multi-dispense/multichannel pipettors
  • Custom compound plate formats for secondary screening, pilot assays and non-HTS uses
  • Relational database of assays and compounds
  • Screening and chemoinformatics support
  • Structure similarity searches and links to public databases for chemical and biological profiling are available and free for CCG users
  • Support for secondary screening experiments, toxicology assessment & ADME
  •  Ca++ Flux, Ion Channel, Membrane Potential
  • High-content automated image analysis on multiwell plate formats and slides Kinetic reads over hours or days