Nanion SyncroPatch 384PE
  • Perkin Elmer Envision and BMG PHERAstar plate readers for high throughput luminescence and fluorescence imaging
  • Hamamatsu FDSS 7000 high-throughput kinetic fluorescence/luminescence imaging plate reader
  • SyncroPatch 384PE for high-throughput electrophysiological assays
  • MDC Image Express Micro (IXM) with an incubator hotel and robotic arm for performing microscopic imaging-based assays in high throughput
Echo Acoustic Liquid Handler
  • Echo 655 fully automated acoustic liquid handler for non-contact dispense of volumes down to 2.5 nL
  • Biomek FX 96 and 384 programmable liquid handling instrument for compound management
  • Biomek FX 384-well programmable liquid handling instrument for seeding the cell lines and compounds
  • TTP Labtech Mosquito for cherry picking hits from the chemical collection.
  • Scioclone ALHD 3000 V&P pintool for preparing sample plates
  • Biotek ELx405, Biotek EL 406 and BluecatWasher plate washers