Instruments & Capabilities

Chromatography and Discovery

We are developing a comprehensively automated, reproducible and high throughput “Extracts to Pure Entity (E-PurE)” approach to chromatographically isolate pure chemical entities for structural characterization and biological studies.
  • Shimadzu Prep HPLC
  • Waters autopurification HPLC System
  • Biotage Selekt Flash Chromatogrpahy

Bioanalytical Chemistry and Data Informatics

We will generate meta-data associated with each of its 35 K extracts which will include mass spectrometry based chemical diversity profile and genomic DNA-based biosynthetic structural class characterizations. The approach will enable rapid informatics dependent intra- and inter-molecular comparison of active constituent from within the complex extracts.

Automated Sample Processing

Most time consuming part of any discovery module is the sample drying and processing units. We are adding multiple automated instruments which will robotically handle drying of each sample and transferring them into there respective pre-weighed vials for further qualitative analysis. This facility will be able to dry any solvents in any format for high-throughput/ high content screening facilities.

  • Biotage V10 Touch with Gilson Handler
  • Buchi Synchore Analyst
  • Biotage SPE Dry (Microplate System)


We are proposing to upgrade our orbital incubator/shaker facility by adding MaxQ8000 instruments with capacity for 24-30 L in a single run with accurate pH, air, gas mix and heater probes. The facility will create reproducible and scalable growth conditions for any microbial strains that generate potent, sub-microgram level of chemicals.

Spectrometry and Analytics

U-M currently does not possess a highly sensitive probe technology, which can optimize natural product structure elucidation and other small molecule metabolite identification projects at U-M. Therefore, we are engaging with the U-M Mass Spectrometry initiative to acquire a RapidFire, 365 High-throughput MS system for more efficient, high capacity automated sample analysis of the Agilent 6545Q-TOF LC-MS. This capability will be essential for analyzing natural product extracts to provide quality control data points and to create a new database for comparing common and unique molecular features across the spectrum of our library.

  • Shimadzu 2020 LCMS
  • Agilent RapidFire 365 with qTOF 6545
  • Bruker 800 Mhz with CryoProbe


  • KingFisher™ Flex Purification System
  • Gilson Liquid Handler