Reporting Noncompliance

Compliance with the LSI Statement of Community Values is essential to a work environment that enables each member to be successful and best ensures fulfillment of the LSI’s scientific and educational mission. 

It is important that all members understand that if they experience or observe a perceived violation of an LSI community value, there are multiple reporting options available, noted below, including the ability to remain anonymous. If reporting anonymously is preferred, certain types of reports and/or actions may be difficult for U-M or the LSI to pursue. 

Reporting through the LSI includes the option to complete an online form, which is routed to the Director of LSI Human Resources. In addition, an LSI team member can communicate (verbally or in writing) the situation to a direct supervisor, an LSI faculty member, the LSI Director of Human Resources, the LSI Managing Director, the LSI Associate Director or the LSI Director. If a decision is made to not file a formal complaint/report (via the Google form above) and an individual would prefer to communicate verbally or in writing, please be prepared to share as many details as possible, such as when and where the incident occurred, who was involved, what happened and why the incident was perceived as a violation of relevant policies.  

The University of Michigan provides a compliance website outlining the reporting options, including the U-M Compliance Hotline, which allows the reporting of an issue anonymously by calling 1-866-990-0111 or submitting an online report regarding financial, regulatory, NCAA, substance abuse and patient safety issues. The compliance website also includes specialized reporting options relating to specific topics, such as the care and use of laboratory animals, computing resource abuse or breaches of IT policy, discrimination and harassment, environmental, health or safety concerns, sexual misconduct, and student concerns. Additional information specific to discrimination and harassment, which includes an option to file a report, can be found at the Equity, Civil Rights, and Title IX (ECRT) Office

If any noncompliance is reported, cooperation with an investigation and the provision of relevant information is expected. The University of Michigan and the LSI do not tolerate retribution or retaliation against anyone reporting in good faith any suspected noncompliance.