LSI Learning Spaces
2:00 PM to 4:00 PM | August 3, 2021

Summer Inclusion Challenge "Plant the Seed" Day

Palmer Plaza
Audience This is an internal LSI event.

In coordination with the 2021 Summer Inclusion Challenge, we will host a Plant The Seed Day to symbolize each individual’s commitment toward ‘planting the seed’ for a more inclusive LSI. We invite you to come to:

  • Claim a pot, dirt, and seeds of your choice to plant and take home with you.

  • Tell us what inclusion means to you.

  • Give us feedback on the 2021 Summer Inclusion Challenge.

  • Interact with your colleagues in the LSI community.

Per University guidelines, hand sanitizer will be available. Masks are not required, but we welcome you to wear one if you prefer. Please respect each individual’s decision, and do your part to help everyone feel comfortable and safe at the LSI!