U-M Drug Discovery Seminar: Barry Bunin, Ph.D

U-M Drug Discovery Seminar: Barry Bunin, Ph.D

Present and Futuristic Collaborative Drug Discovery Informatics Innovations (CDD Vault + Bioassay Express)

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Peng Li Publications

Publication Highlights:

Li P., Janczewski W.A., Yackle K., Kam K., Pagliardini S., Krasnow M.A., and Feldman J.L. (2016) The peptidergic control circuit for sighing. ­Nature (Article) 530: 293-297.

Highlighted in Yates D. (2016) Nature Review Neuroscience 17: 198-199. Also featured in Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Huffington Post, CBS, NPR, Fox News, and other media. 

Li P., and Yackle K. (2017) Sighing. Current Biology 27: R88-89.

The molecular and cellular mechanism underlying breathing, and how it goes awry in diseases is largely unknown. By molecular and genetic dissection of the breathing control circuitry, our laboratory plans to embark on the function of neural populations that control breathing rhythms and behaviors (e.g., sighing), and the pathophysiology of diseases with breathing abnormality.

We are a new lab at the LSI and looking for lab members. 


Peng Li

The Li lab studies breathing-control circuitry in the brain and related disorders, such as sudden infant death syndrome.


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