Jiandie Lin

Our Research

Our laboratory investigates the mechanisms that regulate nutrient and energy metabolism in cells, tissues, and organisms. We focus on elucidating how the metabolic properties of tissues are specified during development and reprogrammed in disease, dissecting the genetic and epigenetic mechanisms of metabolic regulation, and discovering novel secreted factors in systemic metabolic crosstalk.

About Jiandie Lin

  • Obesity-associated metabolic disease
  • Signaling and gene transcription
  • Metabolic tissue development

Jiandie Lin studies the signaling networks that control the storage and utilization of energy in cells and organisms, and how they contribute to obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

Selected Publications

Meng ZX, Gond J, Chen Z, Sun J, Xiao Y, Wang L, Li Y, Liu J, Xu XZS, and Lin JD (2017) Glucose sensing by skeletal myocytes couples nutrient signaling to systemic homeostasis. Molecular Cell, 66:332-344  

Meng ZX, Wang L, Chang L, Sun J, Bao J, Li Y, Chen YE, and Lin JD (2015) A diet-sensitive epigenetic pathway links hepatic bile acid metabolism to cholesterol absorption and atherosclerosis. Cell Reports 13:1658-1669