2:00 PM | June 7, 2020 to 6:00 PM | June 11, 2020
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Cryo-EM Workshop 2020: "I have my data set – now what?"

University of Michigan
This is a public event.

The University of Michigan Life Sciences Institute will lead its third annual cryo-electron microscopy workshop in June to introduce participants to common image processing software packages.

Single-particle cryo-EM is a rapidly evolving structural technique that allows for the calculation of 3D structures of purified biological specimens. Recent technological developments in microscopes, cameras and computation have led to a “resolution revolution” in the field, and it is now possible to determine 3D structures under 3Å resolution.

The focus of this five-day class is to introduce participants to common image-processing packages used to analyze cryo-EM data. This is a hands-on class where participants will work with instructors to learn how to independently use common software packages (RELION, cisTEM, and cryoSPARC) and the modeling software Phenix. A key feature of the course will be the opportunity for participants to bring their own data for analysis so that they can get practical processing advice from leading experts in the field.