Benefitting U-M

The LSI is here to serve the whole campus by creating a hub for collaboration through shared resources and collaborative faculty.

Cutting Edge

The LSI is an agent for change in science. LSI research, programs and resources should be novel and push boundaries, especially at the borders of the disciplines.

Developing Talent

The LSI is a place where junior faculty, postdocs and students are mentored attentively. LSI senior faculty lead by example in collaborating across the disciplines.


The LSI is committed to creating a climate for success in science that embraces everyone in our community. Fostering diversity, equity and inclusion within the institute — and in the next generation of scientific leaders — is inseparable from our commitment to scientific excellence and achievement.

Learn more about our diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.


This goes beyond success in publication, grants and funding. It means doing first-rate work that has an impact in the field.


The LSI is a place to focus on research, free from other organizational demands and unfettered by organizational boundaries.

Innovative Translation

The LSI creates and encourages innovative models for moving high-impact basic research towards commercialization.


The LSI is known for its innovative, high-impact science. The LSI communicates its successes. LSI faculty are known for their leadership in science.


Spontaneous collaborations and discoveries arise when scientists from different disciplines interact around shared problems or questions.