Ye publications


2015 - Present

1. Kaneko T*, Macara AM*, Li R, Hu Y, Iwasaki K, Dunnings Z, Firestone E, Horvatic S, Guntur A, Shafer OT, Yang C-H, Zhou J, Ye B (2017) Serotonergic modulation enables pathway-specific plasticity in a developing sensory circuit in Drosophila.  Neuron.  95:623-638(* Co-first authors). PubMed link 

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6. Kaneko T and Ye B (2015) Fine-scale topography in sensory systems: insights from Drosophila and vertebrates.  Journal of Comparative Physiology A, DOI 10.1007/s00359-015-1022-7. Review.  PubMed link

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2008 - 2014

1. Zhou W*, Chang J*, Wang X, Savelieff MG, Zhao Y, Ke S, and Ye B (2014) GM130 is required for compartmental organization of dendritic Golgi outposts. Current Biology 24: 1227-1233. (* Co-first authors). PubMed link

2. Yang L, Li R, Kaneko T, Takle K, Morikawa RK, Essex LA, Wang X, Zhou J, Emoto K, Xiang Y, and Ye B (2014) Trim9 regulates activity-dependent fine-scale topography in Drosophila. Current Biology  24: 1024-1030. (Selected as the "Free Featured Article" of the issue.) PubMed link

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10. Ye B*, Kim JH, Yang, L, McLachlan I, Younger S, Jan LY, and Jan YN (2011) Differential regulation of dendritic and axonal development by the novel Krüppel like factor Dar1. The Journal of Neuroscience  31(9):3309-3319. (* The corresponding author) (Featured on the cover). PubMed link

2001 - 2008

1. Zheng Y, Wildonger J, Ye B, Zhang Y, Kita A, Younger S, Zimmerman S, Jan LY, and Jan YN (2008) Dynein is required for polarized dendritic transport and uniform microtubule orientation in axons. Nature Cell Biology 10(10): 1172-1180. PubMed link

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