Ye Lab Photos

Ye lab, 2017

Ye lab, 2011

Ye lab, 2013

Xin Wang presents at the 2013 CSH meeting in Suzhou, China

Our computer scientist colaborators in Dr. Jie Zhou's group (Northern Illinois University) visit the Ye lab (December, 2013)

Bing talks about biological imaging and neuroscience to computer scientists in Dr. Jie Zhou's group (December, 2013)

Gabriella receives the 2014 Neurscience Graduate Program Innovator Award

Ye lab visits the 3-D Lab of University of Michigan (Summer, 2014) (the green part of the image is a 3-D display of neurons in Drosophila nervous system)

Ye lab visits the 3-D Lab of University of Michigan (Summer, 2014): Bing tries his larva dissection skill on a virtual cadaver.

Ye lab members have fun at All-hands-active (a hacker space) (Winter, 2014).  A staff member from the Backyard Brains came to show us a remote-controlled live beetle! The Backyard Brains is an Ann Arbor-based company that makes educational toys for public outreach of neuroscience (

Early summer cleaning! (2015)

Ye lab, 2016

Sendoff lunch for Prof. Jung Hwan Kim

Joint retreat with our computer science collaborators in Dr. Jie Zhou's group in Northern Illinois University. Kalamazoo, Michigan, April, 2016