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Kim M.W.*, Wang, W.*,Sanchez, M. I, Coukos, R., von Zastrow, M., Ting, A. Y. “ Time-Gated Detection of Protein-Protein Interactions with Transcriptional Readout.” eLife 6, e30233 (2017)

Wang, W., Wildes, C. P., Pattarabanjird, T., Sanchez, M. I.; Glober, G.F., Matthews, G. A., Tye, K. M., Ting, A. Y. “ A Light- and Calcium-Gated Transcription Factor for Imaging and Manipulation of Activated Neurons.” Nat Biotech 35, 864-871 (2017)

Assar, Z., Nossoni, Z., Wang, W., Santos, E. M., Kramer, K., McCornack, C., Vasileiou, C., Borhan, B., and Geiger, J. H. Domain-Swapped Dimers of Intracellular Lipid-Binding Proteins: Evidence for Ordered Folding Intermediates. Structure 24, 1590-1598(2016)

Yapici, I.; Lee, K.S.S.; Berbasova, T.; Nosrati, M.; Jia, X.; Vasileiou, C.; Wang, W.;Geiger, J.; Borhan, B. “‘Turn-On’ Protein Fluorescence: In Situ Formation of Cyanine Dyes.” J Am Chem Soc 137, 1073-80 (2015)

Nossoni, Z.; Assar, Z.; Yapici, I.; Nosrati, M.; Wang, W.;Berbasova, T.; Vasileiou, C.; Borhan, B. and Geiger, J.H. “The Crystal Structures of Holo Wild-type Human Cellular Retinol-Binding Protein II (hCRBPII) Bound to Retinol and Retinal”,Acta Cryst D70, 3226-32 (2014)

Wang, W.;Geiger, J.H.; Borhan, B. “The Photochemical Determinants of Color Vision”,Bioessays 36, 75-83 (2014)

Berbasova, T.; Nosrati, M.; Vasileiou, C.; Wang, W.;Lee, K.S.S.; Yapici, I.; Geiger, J.H.; Borhan, B. “Rational Design of a Colorimetric pH Sensor from a Soluble Retinoic Acid Chaperone”J Am Chem Soc.135, 16111-16119 (2013)

Wang, W.;Nossoni, Z.; Berbasova, T.; Watson, C.T.; Yapici, I.; Lee, K.S.S.; Vasileiou, C.; Geiger, J.H.; Borhan, B. “Tuning the Electronic Absorption of Protein-Embedded All-trans-retinal”, Science 338,1340-1343 (2012)

Lee, K.S.S.; Berbasova, T.; Vasileiou, C.; Jia, X.; Wang, W.;Choi, Y.; Nossoni, F.; Geiger, J.H.; Borhan, B. “Probing Wavelength Regulation Using CRABPII and a C15-retinal Analog”, ChemPlusChem 4, 273-276 (2012)

Zhou, X.; Lu, Y.; Wang, W.;Borhan, B.; Reid, G.E. “Fixed Charge Chemical Derivatization and Data Dependant Multistage Tandem Mass Spectrometry for Mapping Protein Surface Residue Accessibility”, J. Am. Soc. Mass Spec.21(8),1339-1351 (2010)

Vasileiou, C.; Wang. W.;Lee, K.S.S.; Jia, X.; Watson, C.; Geiger, J.H.; Borhan, B. “Elucidating the Exact Role of Engineered CRABPII Residues for the Formation of a Retinal Protonated Schiff Base” Proteins: Structure Function and Bioinformatics 77(4), 812-822 (2009)