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Ramahi, A., Giridharan, S.S., Patnaik, S., Gee, A., Titus, S., Jeong, H., Clarke, J., Krainc, D., Zheng, W., Irvine, R., Ferrer, M., Southall, N., *Weisman, L.S., *Botas, J, *Marugan, J. (2017) Inhibition of PIP4Kgamma ameliorates the pathological effects of mutant huntingtin protein * Co-contributing authors, eLife 2017 Dec 19;6. pii: e29123. doi: 10.7554/eLife.29123. PMID: 29256861

Takeda E, Jin N, Itakura E, Kira S, Kamada Y, Weisman LS, Noda T, Matsuura A. Mol Biol Cell. 2017 Dec 13. pii: mbc.E17-09-0553. doi: 10.1091/mbc.E17-09-0553. [Epub ahead of print]

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Yau, R.G.W.*, Wong, S.*, and Weisman, L.S. (2017) Spatial Regulation of Organelle Release from Myosin V Transport by p21-Activated Kinases. J Cell Biol. 216:1557-1566. * Co-first authors. PMID: 28495836 PubMed Link

Hasegawa J, Strunk BS, Weisman L.S. (2017) PI5P and PI(3,5)P2: Minor, but Essential Phosphoinositides. Cell Struct Funct. PMID: 28302928 PubMed Link

Pappas SS, Bonifacino J, Danek A, Dauer WT, De M, De Franceschi L, DiPaolo G, Fuller R, Haucke V, Hermann A, Kornmann B, Landwehrmeyer B, Levin J, Neiman AM, Rudnicki DD, Sibon O, Velayos-Baeza A, Vonk JJ, Walker RH, Weisman L.S., Albin RL (2017) Eighth International Chorea-Acanthocytosis Symposium: Summary of Workshop Discussion and Action Points. Tremor Other Hyperkinet Mov (N Y). PMID: 28224046 PubMed Link

Lang, M, Strunk, BS, Azad N, Petersen JL, Weisman LS. (2017) An intramolecular interaction within the lipid kinase Fab1 regulates cellular phosphatidylinositol 3,5-bisphosphate lipid levels. Mol. Biol. Cell. 28:858-864. PMID:28148651 PubMed Link

Kim SM, Roy SG, Chen B, Nguyen TM, McMonigle RJ, McCracken AN, Zhang Y, Kofuji S, Hou J, Selwan E, Finicle BT, Nguyen TT, Ravi A, Ramirez MU, Wiher T, Guenther GG, Kono M, Sasaki AT, Weisman L.S., Potma EO, Tromberg BJ, Edwards RA, Hanessian S, Edinger AL (2016) Targeting cancer metabolism by simultaneously disrupting parallel nutrient access pathways. J Clin Invest. PMID: 27669461 PubMed Link

Jin N., Lang, M., and Weisman, L.S. (2016) Phosphatidylinositol 3,5-bisphosphate: Regulation of cellular events in space and time. Biochemical Journal PMID: 26862203 PubMed Link

Hertz DL, Owzar K, Lessans S, Wing C, Jiang C, Kelly WK, Patel JN, Halabi S, Furukawa Y, Wheeler HE, Sibley A, Lassiter C, Weisman L.S., Watson D, Krens SD, Mulkey F, Renn CL, Small EJ, Febbo PG, Shterev I, Kroetz D, Friedman PN, Mahoney JF, Carducci MA, Kelley MJ, Nakamura Y, Kubo M, Dorsey SG, Dolan ME, Morris MJ, Ratain MJ, McLeod HL. (2016) Clin Cancer Res22:4890-4900. PMID: 2714368963 PubMed Link

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McCartney, A., Zolov, S.N., Kauffman, E.J., Strunk, B.S., Zhang, Y., Weisman, L.S. and Sutton, M. (2014) Activity-dependent PI(3,5)P2 synthesis controls AMPA receptor trafficking during synaptic depression. PNAS 111:E4898-4905. PMCID: PMC4234577. PubMed link

Jin N., Mao K., Jin Y., Tevzade G., Kauffman E.J., Park S., Bridges D., Loewith R., Saltiel A.R., Klionsky D.J., Weisman L.S. (2014) Roles for PI3,5P2 in nutrient sensing through TORC1. Mol. Biol. Cell,  25:1171-1185. PMCID: PMC3967979. PubMed link

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Articles (1995-2004)

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Articles (1984-1994)

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