Funding Opportunities

For Undergraduate Students

Perrigo Undergraduate Summer Fellowship

Each year the undergraduate students from across Michigan are invited to apply to spend 10 weeks working alongside with mentors in our state-of-the-art laboratories getting hands-on immersive experience in basic science research. Fellows receive a stipend and housing support.

Visit the Perrigo program website

Rosen Fellows

The Rosen Fellows program provides need-based support to undergraduate students working in LSI labs, with a preference for students placed through the U-M Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP). Support is available during the academic year and over the summer. 

For Graduate Students & Postdoctoral Fellows

David and Michelle Kroin Family Scholarship Fund

The David and Michelle Kroin Family Scholarship Fund was created to enrich the LSI experience for young scientists. Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows may apply to attend one scientific conference each year. Funds may be used to cover meeting registration and travel expenses up to $1,000.

LSI graduate students and postdocs may apply online

For Postdoctoral Fellows

CHEAR-LSI Child Health Policy Scholars

The CHEAR-LSI Child Health Policy Scholars fellowship program is designed to provide training and research experience in methods and applications of child health policy research for pre- and post-doctoral students/fellows who are currently enrolled in a biomedical sciences training program. The primary aim is to enhance the scholar's current training by providing both the new skills and the perspectives which are necessary for those who aim to lead research and policy in the dynamic U.S. health care environment.

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For Faculty

Klatskin-Sutker Discovery Fund

The Klatskin-Sutker Discovery Fund will award approximately $25,000 annually to one or more primary investigators in the LSI to support specific research in his or her lab. The LSI director and award committee will target the award to one or more projects that are scientifically excellent, have potential for high impact on human health, involve collaborative work across disciplines and are unlikely to be funded through traditional grants. 

Examples of the type of research Klatskin-Sutker Discovery Fund could support include:

  • Generation of a novel animal model to emulate a specific disease state
  • Genetic analyses of inherited diseases
  • High-throughput screening of chemical compounds for therapeutic potential against novel targets identified in cancer, neurodegenerative disease and metabolic disorders
  • Evaluation of new uses for old drugs
  • Structural biology studies to generate new insights into functional properties of proteins or potential drugs
  • Analysis of efficacy or side effects of new medicine 

Innovation Partnership

Conceived of and designed by LSI’s Leadership Council, the Innovation Partnership takes on the challenge of bridging the "valley of death" for new drugs by infusing the projects of LSI scientists with funding and expertise from leaders in the top ranks of business, venture capital, and the biomedical industry. With $1.2 million raised from donors, the Innovation Partnership has funded four faculty projects, all of which have achieved critical commercialization milestones with mentorship from the ranks of the council.  Fundraising continues and new faculty projects are in the pipeline.

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Drug Discovery Grants

The LSI is a co-sponsor of the U-M Center for the Discovery of New Medicines, which offers seed funding of up to $50,000 toward high-throuput screening, structural biology, pharmakokentics, or medicinal chemistry work in four affilated core labs located at the LSI and College of Pharmacy.

Vist the CDNM website