MScreen is an open source High Throughput Screening  data storage and analysis system developed by the Center for Chemical Genomics. MScreen processes screening data through a web-based interface to help screeners visualize their data and simplify the hit-to-lead decision process.
To gain access to MScreen, please scan and emailed a completed a CCG User Agreement to renjutj [at]
    • Once this form is processed, you will be able to use the CCG database (MScreen) to view our libraries and screening results.  It generally takes two to three business days to process this form and get access to MScreen.
    • We recommend searching PubChem Bioassay for your target and method as well as in screening journals found at the bottom of this FAQ page.
    • Note that non U of M users will need to obtain a friend account for login information.
MScreen is also offered as a hosted web service application on a subscription basis to screening centers who need a complete HTS data management system, but have no hardware resources, and little (if any) budget for acquiring software. Some of the advantages of the MScreen Software-as-a-Service subscription are:
  • No hardware acquisition and maintenance costs
  • No IT support costs required to initialize, deploy, and maintain the system
  • Management of data securely and collaboration via the web without VPN software
  • No IT expertise or database programming skills required
  • Automatic upgrade to the most stable production version of MScreen

For more information about MScreen, please visit the MScreen website. This website allows you to explore other resources such as searching the CCG diversity collection. The JBS publication about MScreen and the MScreen wiki are great resources to learn more. You can also test MScreen by signing up for a trial account.