Managing Director Anna Schork, JD, is the chief operating officer, overseeing administration and operations of the LSI. Prior to joining the LSI, she was the Assistant Director for the University's Institute for Social Research for five years, overseeing all administrative and strategic operations and a research budget of nearly $100 million. Schork began her career at the university in 2001 in the Division of Research Development and Administration, negotiating sponsored research contracts and related agreements with various foundations, pharmaceutical companies and other industry partners. In 2005, she became the Legal/Fiscal Director for the Southwest Oncology Group, a national cancer cooperative funded by the National Cancer Institute through a $50 million grant. 

The research at the LSI is supported by professional staff in information technology, facilities management, grants and finance, human resources, fundraising and communications. 

Key administrative contacts:

Cathy Andrews Facilities & Operations 3119 734/615-7430 cathyand [at]
Brad Battey Information Technology 3110 734/763-5377 bbattey [at]
Ian Demsky Communications 3118 734/647-9837 idemsky [at]
Roger D. Cone Director 3145 734/615-9787  
Laura Howe Academic Programs 4008 734/763-7175 lkhowe [at]
Anna Schork Managing Director 3127 734/647-1407 meanna [at]
Erin Stephens Human Resources 3115 734/615-5684 eschick [at]
Danielle Smith Finance & Grants 3117 734/764-8669 damsmi [at]
Laura J. Williams Development 3125 734/615-4862 laurajw [at]