About the CSB

Collaboratory for X-ray Crystallography, Crystallization and Protein Engineering

From Clone to Structure

The Center for Structural Biology (CSB) is a comprehensive structural biology resource for researchers at the University of Michigan and surrounding areas.

The center includes:

Staff scientists in the center collaborate or consult with researchers who use the facilities. The center has a programmatic collaboration with the Center for Chemical Genomics (CCG) in which structures can be determined of target proteins in complex with compounds identified in high-throughput screens in the CCG.

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Acknowledgement Statement
Please use the below acknowledgement statement to recognize the CSB's contribution to your work in publications.
Research reported in this publication [publication/press release] was supported by the University of Michigan (UM) Center for Structural Biology (CSB). The CSB is grateful for support from the UM Life Sciences Institute, the UM Comprehensive Cancer Center, the UM Medical School Endowment for Basic Sciences (EBS), and grants from the National Institute of Health.

The CSB is an integral part of the Structure and Drug Screening Shared Resource at the U-M Comprehensive Cancer Center. If you are a U-M Cancer Center member using CSB services, please remember to acknoweledge the Cancer Center Support Grant (P30 CA046592) when publishing manuscripts or abstracts. Suggested Language: "Research reported in this [publication/press release] was supported by the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health under award number P30CA046592."