Center for Chemical Genomics

About Us

The Center for Chemical Genomics (CCG) provides expertise and resources for U-M researchers and others to use modern high-throughput screening (HTS) approaches in tackling basic biology or novel drug discovery projects. CCG Director: Andrew Alt, Ph.D. Contact: CenterforChemicalGenomics [at]

Getting Started

If you are interested in using the CCG for a project and assessing our services, please following the steps below to initiate your project:

CCG Services

Small molecule screening, siRNA screening, chemoinformatics, medicinal chemistry and use of chemical libraries are part of the services we provide to researchers across UM and outside the university.


MScreen is an open source High Throughput Screening data storage and analysis system developed by the Center for Chemical Genomics. MScreen processes screening data through a web-based interface to help screeners visualize their data and simplify the hit-to-lead decision process.