David Sherman

Our Research

Composed of a dynamic, interdisciplinary team of scientists, the Sherman laboratory studies the biosynthesis of natural products from microbes that include cyanobacteria, actinomycetes, and myxobacteria. We are inspired by natural products from both terrestrial and marine organisms and seek to better understand their origins using a set of tools that includes molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, structural biology, and bioorganic chemistry.

About David Sherman

  • Synthetic chemistry
  • Marine microorganisms
  • Drug discovery

David Sherman explores the biochemical pathways of marine microorganisms with the goal of finding new drug candidates for infectious diseases and cancers. He collects samples from marine and terrestrial sources around the world to build an extensive library of natural chemical compounds with potential disease-fighting capability.

Diving into Science Diplomacy

Graduate student and LSI researcher Amy Fraley usually uses her SCUBA gear to explore shipwrecks in the Great Lakes. But she recently swapped her cold-water dive suit for tropical gear to join faculty member David Sherman on his latest expedition.

Recent Publications

Hansen, D. A., Koch, A. A., Sherman, D. H. 2017. Identification of a thioesterase bottleneck in the pikromycin pathway through full-module processing of unnatural pentaketides. J. Am. Chem. Soc. Aug 24. PubMed link

Koch, A. A., Hansen, D. A., Shende, V. V., Furan, L. R., Houk, K. N., Jiménez-Osés, G., Sherman, D. H. 2017. A single active site mutation in the pikromycin thioesterase generates a more effective macrocyclization catalyst. J. Am. Chem. Soc. Aug 24. PubMed link