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October 18, 2016, 1:30-2:30pm: Shouming Dou, Ph.D., Using the FDSS 7000 for HTS
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CCG Forum 10.14.2016: Ashootosh Tripathi, Ph.D., Research Fellow, Life Sciences Institute, University of Michigan, Discovery of New Molecular Entities: Opportunities and Challenges

CCG Forum 4.17.2015, presentation by Fortebio Midwest, BLI Systems: Label Free Applications in Bio-molecular Interactions

CCG Forum 4.7.2015, presentation by Promega, New Techniques for Continuous Real Time Monitoring of Viability and Cytotoxicity Amenable to Multiplexing

CCG Forum 3.18.2015, presentation by BiOptix, What Can SPR Biosensors Do for You?

CCG Forum 2.3.2015, presentation by PerkinElmer, How new EnSight technologies can help your research: Plate based Cytometry, Label Free cell based assays and Alphaplex

CCG Forum 1.23.2015, presentation by Renju Jacob, MSITES: A Powerful Informatics Solution for High Throughput Screening Centers

CCG Forum 9.10.2014, presentation by Corning and ATCC, Advanced Cell Culture Tools: From Surfaces to Novel Screening Technologies


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