Our Facility

The LSI connects U-M's central and medical campuses. The LSI building is an integral part of our culture. World-renowned architects Denise Scott Brown and Robert Venturi worked with laboratory design firm The Smith Group to create an Albert Kahn-inspired open laboratory facility. Large open labs, connected by shared equipment corridors and social interaction spaces, catalyze and complement the collaborative mission of LSI. 

The LSI building is located on a previously underused parcel at the juncture of Central Campus and the Medical Center. This site, now called the Palmer Campus, also includes the Undergraduate Science Building and the Palmer Commons, a conference and meeting center that also houses the university's Bioinformatics Program. All three buildings face a public plaza that serves as a pedestrian thoroughfare connecting Michigan’s central and medical campuses— a physical and intellectual bridge between these two parts of the university.

The 230,000 sq. ft. building is packed with collaborative centers and sophisticated research tools. The Centers for Chemical Genomics and Structural Biology are located on the plaza-level 3rd floor along with core facilities in NMR, flow cytometry, and DNA sequencing. Researchers throughout the university and from other institutions collaborate with LSI scientists on projects in the core facilities and centers.