Maillard publications


Articles (2010-present)

Maillard I. Inside Blood: Ikaros, Notch and GATA1 cross paths during megakaryopoiesis. Blood, 121(13): 2376-2377, 2013.

Hassan KA, Wang L, Korkaya H, Chen G, Maillard I, Beer DG, Kalemkerian GP, Wicha MS. Notch pathway activity identifies cells with cancer stem cell-like properties and correlates with worse survival in lung adenocarcinoma. Clin Cancer Res. 19(8): 1972-1980, 2013. PubMed link

Rakowski LA, Garagiola DD, Li CM, Decker M, Caruso S, Jones M, Kuick R, Cierpicki T, Maillard I, Chiang MY. Convergence of the ZMIZ1 and NOTCH 1 pathways at C-MYC in acute T lymphoblastic leukemias. Cancer Res, 73(2):930-41, 2013. PubMed link

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Pan X, Jones M, Jiang J, Zaprazna K, Yu D, Pear W, Maillard I, Atchison ML. Increased expression of PcG protein YY1 negatively regulates B cell development while allowing accumulation of myeloid cells and LT-HSC cells. PLoS One, 7(1)e30656, 2012. PubMed link

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Aster JC, Bodnar N, Xu L, Karnell F, Milholland JM, Maillard I, Histen G, Nam Y, Blacklow SC, Pear WS. Notch ankyrin repeat domain variation influences leukemogenesis and Myc transactivation. PLoS One, 6(10):e25645, 2011.

Hosoya T, Maillard I, Engel JD. From the cradle to the grave: activities of GATA-3 thoughout T cell development and differentiation. Immunol Rev. 238(1):110-25, 2010. PubMed link

Articles (2005-2009)

Hosoya T, Kuroha T, Moriguchi T, Cummings D, Maillard I, Lim KC, Engel JD. GATA-3 is required for early T lineage progenitor development. J Exp Med. 206(13):2987-3000, 2009. PubMed link

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Maillard I., U. Koch, A. Dumortier, O. Shestova, L. Xu, H. Sai, S.E. Pross, J.C. Aster, A. Bhandoola, F. Radtke and W.S. Pear. Canonical Notch signaling is dispensable for the maintenance of adult hematopoietic stem cells. Cell Stem Cell, 2(4), 356-366, 2008. PubMed link

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Articles (2000-2004)

Kumar R., I. Maillard, S.J. Schuster and A. Alavi. Utility of fluorodeoxyglucose-PET imaging in the management of patients with Hodgkin's and non-Hodgkin's lymphomas. Radiol Clin North Am, 42(6):1083-100, 2004. PubMed link

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Baribaud F., S. Wirth, I. Maillard, S. Valsesia, H. Acha-Orbea and H. Diggelmann. Identification of key amino acids of the mouse mammary tumor virus superantigen involved in the specific interaction with T-cell receptor V beta domains. J. Virol. 75(16):7453-6, 2001. PubMed link

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Maillard I., V. Schweizer, A. Broccard, A. Duscher, L. Liaudet and M.D. Schaller. Use of botulinum toxin type A to avoid tracheal intubation or tracheostomy in severe paradoxical vocal cord movement. Chest 118(3), 874-7, 2000. PubMed link

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Articles (1996-1999)

Baribaud F., I. Maillard, S. Vacheron, T. Brocker, H. Diggelmann and H. Acha-Orbea. Role of dendritic cells in the immune response induced by mouse mammary tumor virus superantigen. J. Virol. 73(10): 8403-10, 1999. PubMed link

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