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U-M Researchers Find New Gene Involved In Blood-Forming Stem Cells

April 13, 2015-Research led by the University of Michigan Life Sciences Institute has identified a gene critical to controlling the body’s ability to create blood cells and immune cells from blood-forming stem cells — known as hematopoietic stem cells.

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Researchers Develop New Potential for Rare Leukemia

March 30, 2015-Researchers at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center have developed a new drug candidate that shows potential in laboratory studies against a rare type of acute leukemia. And additional studies suggest the same compound could play a role in prostrate treatment as well.

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Research Highlight: New Strategy For Preventing Organ Transplant Rejection Shows Promise

March 9, 2015-Organ transplantation has been one of the greatest successes of modern medicine. But one of its largest limitations comes from a patient’s immune system treating the new heart, or lung, or liver like a foreign invader.

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Michigan Mother Fighting Rare Cancer Makes Medical History

November 27, 2012-Successful treatment of a young patient in Dr. Maillard's care

"It is something that we see very, very rarely even in a major cancer center like the University of Michigan.  I had never seen one before," said Dr. Ivan Maillard, a hematologist and researcher at the University of Michigan's Life Sciences Institute....

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Damon Runyon Foundation Award

January 22, 2009-Two U-M cancer researchers share Damon Runyon Foundation award.

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Stem cell center has 4th faculty member

July 30, 2007 - With the arrival of researcher Ivan Maillard, the center for stem cell biology at the University of Michigan has four faculty members...

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