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Guo L, Zhang P, Chen Z, Xia H, Li S, Zhang Y, Kobberup S, Zou W, Lin JD (2017) Hepatic Nrg4 signaling defines an endocrine checkpoint for steatosis-to-NASH progression. Journal of Clinical Investigation, 127:4449-4461 (PMID: 29106384)

Li S, Mi L, Yu L, Yu Q, Liu T, Wang GX, Zhao XY, Wu J, Lin JD (2017) Zbtb7b engages the long noncoding RNA Blnc1 to drive brown and beige fat development and thermogenesis, Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 114:E7111-E7120 (PMID: 28784777)

Meng ZX, Gond J, Chen Z, Sun J, Xiao Y, Wang L, Li Y, Liu J, Xu XZS, and Lin JD (2017) Glucose sensing by skeletal myocytes couples nutrient signaling to systemic homeostasis. Molecular Cell, 66:332-344  (PMID: 28475869)

Meng ZX, Wang L, Chang L, Sun J, Bao J, Li Y, Chen YE, and Lin JD (2015) A diet-sensitive epigenetic pathway links hepatic bile acid metabolism to cholesterol absorption and atherosclerosis. Cell Reports 13:1658-1669  (PMID: 26586440)

Zhao XY, Li S, Wang GX, Yu Q, and Lin JD (2014) A long noncoding RNA transcriptional regulatory circuitry drives thermogenic adipocyte development. Molecular Cell, 55:372-382  (PMID: 25002143)

Wang GX, Zhao XY, Meng ZX, Kern M, Dietrich A, Zhou D, Okunade AL, Su X, Li S, Bluher M, and Lin JD (2014) The brown fat-enriched secreted factor Nrg4 preserves metabolic homeostasis through attenuating hepatic lipogenesis. Nature Medicine, 20:1436-1443  (PMID: 25401691)

Meng ZX, Li S, Ko HJ, Lee Y, Okutsu M, Yan Z, Kim JK, and Lin JD (2013) BAF60c drives glycolytic muscle formation and improves glucose homeostasis through Deptor-mediated AKT activation. Nature Medicine,19:640-645  (PMID: 23563706)

Ma D, Panda S, and Lin JD (2011) Temporal orchestration of circadian autophagy rhythm by C/EBPß. The EMBO Journal, 30:4642-4651. (PMID: 21897364)

Hernandez C, Molusky M,Li Y, Li S, and Lin JD (2010) Regulation of hepatic ApoC3 expression by PGC-1b mediates hypolipidemic effect of nicotinic acid. Cell Metabolism, 12:411-419  (PMID: 20889132)

Li S, Liu C, Li N, Hao T, Han T, Hill DE, Vidal M, and Lin JD (2008) Genome-wide coactivation analysis of PGC-1a identifies BAF60a as a regulator of hepatic lipid metabolism. Cell Metabolism, 8:105-117  (PMID: 18680712)

Liu C, Li S, Liu T, Borjigin J, and Lin JD (2007) Transcriptional coactivator PGC-1alpha integrates the mammalian clock and energy metabolism. Nature, 447:477-481  (PMID: 17476214)






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