Associate Director

In August 2017, LSI faculty member Janet Smith, Ph.D., was named associate director of the LSI. In this expanded role, she will direct faculty mentoring and career development activities for the institute and will lead strategic planning in the field of structural biology.

The new associate director role will oversee the creation of a mentoring committee for each research assistant professor and research associate professor, in collaboration with their academic departments. The associate director also will create and chair a faculty career development committee responsible for the career advancement of all LSI faculty. This committee will be charged with developing a strategy for career advancement for each LSI faculty member and promoting the nomination of faculty for internal and external awards, national and international scientific service activities, honorific societies, and foundation and other special grant awards and scholarships.

Smith has been widely recognized for her numerous significant research accomplishments, her contributions to mentoring and education and her exemplary leadership, particularly in the structural biology community. In 2016, she received the Medical School's Distinguished Faculty Lectureship Award in Biomedical Research.