Klionsky lab members

Postdoctoral Research Fellows


Aileen Ariosa, Ph.D.
ariosa [at] umich.edu (Email)


Elizabeth Delorme-Axford, Ph.D.
edelax [at] umich.edu (Email)


Xu Liu
liuxu [at] umich.edu (Email)

Graduate Students

Yuchen Feng
Graduate Student
yuchenf [at] umich.edu (Email)
Damian Gatica Mizala
Graduate Student
gaticad [at] umich.edu (Email)

Vikramjit Lahiri
Graduate Student
vlahiri [at] umich.edu (Email)

Clarence Pascual
Graduate Student
cpascual [at] umich.edu (Email)


Xin Wen
Graduate Student
xinwen [at] umich.edu (Email)

Ying Yang
Graduate Student
yingyan [at] umich.edu (Email)

Zhiyuan Yao
Graduate Student
yzhiyuan [at] umich.edu (Email)

Zhangyuan Yin
Graduate Student
zyyin [at] umich.edu (Email)

Research Staff

  Hana Popelka
Research Lab Specialist Lead
popelka [at] umich.edu (Email)

Undergraduate Students

  Ziheng Xu
Undergraduate Student
xzhfox [at] umich.edu (Email)


Katie Parzych
Graduate Student
parzykat [at] umich.edu (Email)
Daniel Orban
Visiting Graduate Student
dorban [at] umich.edu (Email)
Meiyan Jin
Graduate Student
jmeiyan [at] umich.edu (Email)
Amelie Bernard, Ph.D.
ameliecb [at] umich.edu (Email)
  Yang Cao
Graduate Student
caoyang [at] umich.edu (Email)
Heesun Cheong
Graduate Student
hscheong [at] umich.edu (Email)
Jiefei Geng
Graduate Student
jfgeng [at] umich.edu (Email)
Congcong He
Graduate Student
cconghe [at] umich.edu (Email)
   Ju Guan
 Ju Huang
Graduate Student
juh [at] umich.edu (Email)
Wei-Pang Huang, PhD.
Assistant Professor, National Taiwan University
 Tomotake Kanki, PhD.
Graduate Student
kanki [at] umich.edu (Email)
John Kim, PhD.
Assistant Professor, Life Sciences Institute
jnkim [at] umich.edu (Email)
 Janet A. Komduur, PhD.
Visiting Research Investigator, Life Sciences Institute
Julie E. Legakis, PhD.
jlegakis [at] umich.edu (Email)
Iryna Monastyrska, PhD. 
 Thien H. Nguyen
thn [at] umich.edu (Email)
Fulvio M. Reggiori, PhD.
Assistant Professor, University Medical Centre, Utrecht, The Netherlands
F.Reggiori [at] umcutrecht.nl (Email)
Takahiro Shintani, PhD.
Associate Professor, Tohoku University, Japan
shintani [at] umich.edu (Email)
Karen L. Sirum, PhD.
Associate Professor, Bowling Green State University, OH
ksirum [at] umich.edu (Email)
Hui Song, M.S.
 Per E. Stromhaug, PhD.
Assistant Professor, University of Missouri at Columbia

 Katherine A. Tucker, PhD.
Research Fellow, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, WA

Chao-Wen Wang, PhD.
Assistant Professor, National Taiwan University
 Zhiping Xie
Graduate Student
zxie [at] umich.edu (Email)
Tomohiro Yorimitsu, PhD.
yorimits [at] umich.edu (Email)
 Shiwei Zhou
shzh [at] umich.edu (Email)
Clinton Bartholomew, PhD.
barthocr [at] umich.edu (Email)
Yuko Inoue, PhD.
yuinoue [at] umich.edu (Email)
Usha Nair, PhD.
ushan [at] umich.edu (Email)
Midori Umekawa, PhD.
mumekawa [at] umich.edu (Email)
Zhifen Yang, PhD.
zfyang [at] umich.edu (Email)
Wei-Lien Yen, PhD.
wlyen [at] umich.edu (Email)
Molly Day
Graduate Student
lynchma [at] umich.edu (Email)
 Zhou Du
Graduate Student
zdu [at] umich.edu (Email)
Alia Zander
Undergraduate Student
zander [at] umich.edu (Email)
Mantong Zhao
Graduate Student
mantong [at] umich.edu (Email)