Lab members

Postdoctoral Research Fellows

Takayuki Ikeda, PhD.
ikedat [at] (Email)

Research Staff

Junying Wang
Research Lab Specialist Intermediate
wangjun [at] (Email)
Sungki Hong, PhD.
Research Investigator
hongsk [at] (Email)
Yao Yao, PhD.
Research Investigator
yaoyao [at] (Email)


  rebeps [at] ( )


Henry Ho Lau
Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine - NYC
holau [at] (Email)
Tsukasa Suzuki, PhD.
Assistant Professor, Tokyo University of Agriculture
tsukasas [at] (Email)
Avani Kamath
Graduate Student, Anderson School of Management, UCLA
avanii [at] (Email)
Sei Yoshida, PhD.
Research Investigator, University of Michigan
seiyoshi [at] (Email)
Aristotle Mannar Mannan
Todd Golub's Lab, Broad Institute
arimann [at] (Email)
Yoshihiro, MD
Visiting Scientist, Medical School, Tokyo University
yoshihiro [at] (Email)
Tomoko Fukuda, MD
Visiting Scientist, Medical School, Miyazaki University
tomokfu [at] (Email)
Tsuneo Ikenoue, MD/PhD.
Medical School, Tokyo University
ikenoue [at] (Email)
  Nicolas Parnell
parnell [at] (Email) 
  Makoto Seida
mseita [at] (Email)