Getting started


Contact the HTP to discuss the goals of your project, what you want to do with your protein(s), and what you know about that protein. It is very useful for us to know what you have tried or not tried and what your data look like. From this we can develop a strategy with you for providing the materials that will best meet your needs. We do not do primary cloning and will require a starting clone to use as a PCR template. We generally request 1-2 μ of miniprep quality DNA per construct that we have planned. This is sufficient for several rounds of PCR should that be required.  We will also need the DNA sequence of your target for use in designing oligos for PCR.  The average length of expression testing is 3-5 weeks for bacteria, 6-8 weeks for baculovirus and we are projecting about 3-5 weeks for mammalian cloning and transient expression.

Contact Clay Brown by email at wclayb [at] or by phone at (734) 615-5679.