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June 17, 2015: The Art of Science

April 17, 2015: Looking Back, Looking Forward

From the Director: Looking Back, Looking Forward

October 21, 2014: A Tightrope Across the Valley of Death

From the Director: Tightrope Across the Valley of Death
New Discovery Approach Accelerates Identification of Potential Cancer Treatments
Scientific faculty "alumni" reflect on time at Michigan
Student highlight: Ann Marie Macara, Ye Lab
Inaugural Symposium: Sustaining the Biomedical Research Enterprise

June 24, 2014: Microorganisms to New Medicines

From the Director: Celebrating Science at Michigan
Nature's Chem Lab: How Microorganisms Manufacture Drugs
Discovering New Antibiotics in the Natural World
Plant-Based Traditional Medicines to Treat Buruli Ulcers: Q&A with Eli Benchell Eisman
Skiniotis Lab: Architecture of Signaling Proteins Enhances Knowledge of Key Receptors
Klionsky Lab: Understanding How Cells Regulate Recycling Leads to New Target
Ye Lab: How a Signaling Molecule Determines the Map of a Sensory Nervous System
LSI Grad Students Practice Explaining Research
Creative Inquiry Into the Scientific Enterprise: Lia Min Art Exhibit

April 16, 2014: Science at Michigan

From the Director: Celebrating Science at Michigan
Victors for Discovery: Biomedicine at Michigan 

February 7, 2014: LSI10

LSI10: Celebrating a Decade of Discovery

November 19, 2013: 10th Anniversary

From the Director: Kicking Off Our 10th Anniversary, LSI-Style

September 24, 2013: Decade of Discovery

From the Director: Celebrating a Decade of Discovery
Maillard Lab: New Potential Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis
Xu Lab: Lessons from the Worm
Ye Lab: Targeting an Aspect of Down Syndrome
Ye Lab: Neuronal Regeneration and the Two-Part Design of Nerve Cells
Anna Schork Joins LSI as Managing Director

May 7, 2013: Life in the Sciences

From the Director: Is there any life in the sciences? 
Yamashita lab: Clues to understanding how stem cells produce different kinds of cells
Inoki lab: How cells switch between anabolic and catabolic states
Ginsburg lab: Targeting the transport mechanism for a destructive protein lowers blood cholesterol 
Lin lab: Lift weights to lower blood sugar? 
Follow the Science: David Sherman dives Cocos Island

March 19, 2013: Innovative Translation

From the Director: Academic Drug Discovery and Innovative Translation
LSI Research Highlights: Saltiel LabXu LabTesmer LabMaillard Lab& Lim Lab
The Entrepreneurial Scientist: Roger Newton

December 14, 2012: Drug Discovery at University of Michigan

From the Director: Citizens of Science
Meeting at Michigan: Science students from around the world at the LSI
LSI Research Highlights: Of viruses and leptin receptors
LSI In the News: Ivan Maillard Lab finds successful treatment for patient with rare cancer (Video)

September 11, 2012: Inside Cancer Cells

From the Director: Michael's Hope
Inside Cancer Cells: How basic science in the LSI leads to innovative treatment
Q&A: Max Wicha, Director of the Comprehensive Cancer Center, on cancer research at U-M
Georgios Skiniotis awarded PECASE by President Obama
David Ginsburg awarded Stratton medal

May 15, 2012: Development and Diseases of the Nervous System—11th Annual LSI Symposium

From the Director: A cutting-edge community
Q&A: Dr. Susan Lindquist of the Whitehead Institute (and keynote speaker at the LSI Symposium)
Reading Minds: Neural imaging technology
Mi Hee Lim awarded Sloan Research Fellowship
Beverly Piggott, LSI student, wins Weintraub Graduate Student Award
Research roundup on neurodegeneration
Philanthropists enhance partnership between U-M and universities in Israel

December 15, 2011: The Next Generation of Scientific Leaders

From the Director: Educating the Next Generation of Scientific Leaders
LSI Student Voices 
LSI's Business of Biology graduate course
A chat with David Walt, LSI Scientific Advisory Board and Leadership Council member
So You Think You Can Do Research?
Neural circuits involved in worm movement, mapped
Lim Lab collaborates to discover iron complex properties
Yamashita Lab identifies genes involved in regulation of stem cell proliferation
Weisman Lab uncovers link between vesicle membranes and molecular motors

October 28, 2011: Beyond Achievement

From the Director: Beyond Achievement
Yukiko Yamashita awarded MacArthur Foundation fellowship
The Center for Chemical Genomics names Jason Gestwicki new director
Georgios Skiniotis and collaborators publish on G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs)

July 13, 2011: Measuring Success in Science

From the Director: Measuring Success in Science
LSI Achievement in Grants, Publications, and Awards
Q&A with LSI Leadership Council Chair Craig Parker 
Rudenko Lab: Solving the structure of a large complex protein that is central to how synapses are assembled in neural communication
What's So Special About the LSI? Q&A with Aaron Westfall, Chief of Business Research Development
Joint discovery on diabetes highlights teamwork
Skiniotis named to esteemed Pew Scholars program
Xu Lab publishes on C. elegans in how senses touch
Understanding tuberculosis drug resistance

April 19, 2011: U-M and Israel = Great Science

U-M + Israel = Great Science
Ye lab reports on neurons
Donor Spotlight: Rita Willis
10th Annual LSI Symposium

February 3, 2011: Out of the Blue video

Spotlight on the LSI: Out of the Blue Video Feature

December 16, 2010

Lim lab reports progress in unraveling Alzheimer's
Morrison lab publishes new insights on stem cell behavior
Smith lab collaborates on research related to heart and nervous system health
Noah Rosenberg receives the U-M Medical School Basic Science Research Award
Jason Gestwicki discusses neurodegenerative disease in Medicine at Michigan story
Daniel Klionsky designs cover of the journal Science

November 8, 2010

The Heart of the Matter: Jiandie Lin on how niacin lowers blood triglycerides and influences lipid metabolism beyond fat tissues (from CBS Detroit)
Ivan Maillard develops new method to reduce graft-versus-host disease (from PhysOrg.com)
David Ginsburg wins award for distinguished research in biomedical sciences (from UMHS Newsroom)
The Center for Chemical Genomics collaborates with College of Pharmacy, Medical School to find therapies to combat bioterror threats

September 28, 2010

Innovation Partnership report - year one
John Tesmer's Lab reveals first complete crystal structure of a G protein-coupled receptor kinase
Dive Journal: LSI's David Sherman documents his work on land and sea (Part 2)

August 11, 2010

From the Director: Got Team? Creating championship science
Bing Ye named 2010 Pew Scholar (from The University Record)
Smith labs solves crystal structure of deadly virus
Dive Journal: LSI's David Sherman documents his work on land and sea (Part 1)

March 30, 2010

New clues to Alzheimer's
The elegance of the tunicate
Outsmarting bacteria
New light on evolution

Spring 2009

On Board: LSI Leadership Council member James P. Hackett
Mary Sue Coleman Director Dr. Alan Saltiel: Benchmarking: Stimulating Science
U-M/Israeli Universities partnership awards grants
5 years of the business of biology course
LSI's Innovation Partnership Targets Deadly Diseases
Julie Helpert: Genetics: The Anchor for LSI
LSI & UM Help Launch New Embryonic Stem Cell Research Symposium

Fall 2008

On Board: Dr. Susan Meister and Paul Meister
Director Dr. Alan Saltiel: Benchmarking
LSI Directorship named for U-M President Mary Sue Coleman
U-M/Israeli Universities partnership moves forward, with successful RFP
Briding "The Valley of Death": LSI Launches Innovative Research Fund
Experiments on C. elegans: Light-sensing worms

Spring 2008

On Board: LSI Advisory Board member Helen Hobbs
Q & A with Director Alan Saltiel
Portraits of junior faculty members

Fall 2007

Stem Cell Research: What's at Stake
Stem Cell Politics 101: LSI Leadership Council member Michael B. Staebler
Director Dr. Alan Saltiel: Benchmarking: The Power of Stem Cell Biology at LSI
Liz Barry: The Ethics in Favor of Stem Cell Research
A portrait of Yukiko Yamashita
Stem Cells Today

March 2007

Mapping a Future for PNAS: LSI Advisory Board member Randy Sheckman
LSI: Pushing the Boundaries of Big Science
Director Dr. Alan Saltiel: Agents of Change
LSI raises $400,000 for stem cell research
A portrait of Sylvie Garneau-Tsodikova
Q & A with Anuj Kumar
U-M President Mary Sue Coleman: The Future in Life Sciences

Fall 2006

Director Dr. Alan Saltiel: Benchmarking: Basic Science
Finding Fast Cures: LSI Leadership Council Member Greg Simon
The Perrigo Company's sponsored fellowships
A cross-section of current investigations at the LSI
Of Mice and Mentors: Dr. Ginsburg
Liz Barry: Improving Healthcare
Q & A with Patrick Hu

Spring 2006

Advisory Board Member Pedro Cuatrecasas: Reflections on the Power of Diversity
Center for Structural Biology expands
Q & A with Alexey Kondrashov
From the Village to the Victors: Kun-Liang Guan
The Art/Science Intersection: 'Sensing Terrains' from artist Patricia Olynyk
A portrait of Shawn Xu
Undegraduate students at the LSI 

November 2005

Board Member Peter B. Corr: A New Paradigm for Biomedical Research
LSI home to new Center for Stem Cell Biology
Director Dr. Alan Saltiel: Benchmarking
50 molecules a minute: the Center for Chemical Genomics
Q & A with Rick Neubig
2005 Perrigo Undergraduate Fellows: summer research projects
Tesmer Lab moves from Texas to Ann Arbor
Liz Barry: The Business of Biology
A portrait of Jason Gestwicki

June 2005

LSI adds top faculty
Novartis donates equipment
Dr. Alan Saltiel: Benchmarking
Q & A with Kun-Liang Guan on his research
LSI alumna Jennifer Aurandt
LSI Symposium
Sherman Lab and the "Exploitation of Nature's Chemist"
Retrospective: LSI's Colloquium
Creating an inclusive culture of scientific inquiry
The art of physics
A portrait of Janet Smith

March 2005

Board Advisor Craig Parker: Why LSI?
Dr. Alan Saltiel: Benchmarking
Collaboratories: labs without walls
Stelarc at U-M School of Art + Design
LSI & the Weizmann Institute
Q & A with Dan Klionsky on innovative teaching
A portrait of Gabrielle Rudenko
LSI Colloquium review
Report on science & security