LSI Grads




The Life Sciences Institute (LSI) opened in 2003 with the goal of improving human health through scientific collaboration. Over the next 10 years, the LSI grew to represent a unique mix of faculty and students from over ten University of Michigan departments, investigating questions as diverse as stem cell biology, aging, drug discovery, and the genetics of human disease. As the seeds of scientific discovery are found at the junctions between disciplines, the LSI graduate students are eager to take advantage of the potential and opportunity of this collaborative environment. In 2012, the LSI Grads was founded with this purpose in mind.

The goals of the LSI Grads are:

    • to communicate scientific goals and achievements to scientists, non-scientist professionals, and the public
    • learn from scientists from a wide range of careers in academia, industry, business, law, media, and government to understand how the life sciences interfaces with other areas
    • further nurture the LSI's sense of community
    • introduce new members to the students, faculty, and resources of the LSI
    • create awareness of the wide variety of projects being carried out in the LSI


LSI Grads “The Future of Science” – 2016/2017 Schedule of Events

Look for specific dates and times on our calendar soon, we will also notify LSI graduate students via email when new events are set. 


September 2016

              Brunch with new LSI Director Dr. Roger Cone, LSI Library, September 23rd, 2016

October 2016

Informational “Cookie Hour”, LSI Library, October 6th, 2016


LSI Halloween Party, LSI Lobby and Library, October 28th, 2016


November 2016

LSI Grads Chalk Talk: Finn Maloney (Smith Lab), LSI Boardroom, November 11th, 2016


December 2016

LSI Grads Chalk Talk: Adam Yokom (Southworth Lab), LSI Boardroom, December 9th, 2016


January 2017

LSI Grads Chalk Talk: Tyler Beyett (Tesmer Lab) and Sara Wong (Weisman Lab), LSI 3405, January 13, 2017


February 2017

             LSI Grads Chalk Talk: Sheridan Carrington (Cone Lab) and Meredith Skiba (Smith Lab), LSI 3405, February 10th, 2017 

March 2017

Pi Day Dessert Competition, LSI Lunchbox, Tuesday, March 14th, 2017 


April 2017

Communication Workshop: Abstract Workshop, Dr. Alison Narayan. Wednesday April 12th, 12-1PM, LSI Library.


May 2017

Communication Workshop: Science "Improv" Communication, Brian Zikmund-Fisher, Ph.D., Tuesday, May 23rd, 1130-130PM, LSI Library.


June 2017

    LSI Poster Blitz- June 2nd, 3-5PM 2017: LSI Lobby and Library


June 2017

    Keynote speaker- Stephen Rapundalo, Ph.D., President and CEO, MichBio. Monday June 5, 4-5PM, Forum Hall, Palmer Commons

                   “A Career in Effecting Change: Science, Policy and Community”