Center for Structural Biology

About the CSB

The Center for Structural Biology (CSB), housed in the Life Sciences Institute, is a comprehensive structural biology resource for researchers at the University of Michigan and surrounding areas.

For information about the services and capabilities at the CSB, contact Ashley Schork, CSB Administrative/Project Coordinator, at ashlscho [at]

Our Research

Researchers at the University of Michigan have obtained for the first time three-dimensional snapshots of the “assembly line” within microorganisms that naturally produces antibiotics and other drugs. Understanding the complete structure and movement within the molecular factory gives investigators a solid blueprint for redesigning the microbial assembly line to produce novel drugs of high medicinal value.

Macromolecular crystallization and crystallography

The CSB provides a full range of crystallographic services ranging from crystallization to structure analysis and homology modeling.

X-ray facilities and LS-CAT

The CSB X-ray facility consists of an on-site X-ray facility with access to an off-site synchrotron facility, LS-CAT.

Protein purification

The CSB provides a variety of purification services that can be tailored to your research needs in the form of personnel training or full-contract services.

High-throughput protein lab

The HTP can help you obtain the protein you need to enable your research. We accomplish this through the evaluation of expression yield from multiple gene constructs, vectors, growth conditions and expression systems to determine which combinations can meet the needs of your project. This increased “bandwidth” speeds you to answers to your protein questions.