X-ray facilities and LS-CAT

On-Site Facilities

The on-campus X-ray crystallography facility is located in the LSI. Access to this facility requires lab-specific training that is outlined in the X-Ray Lab Orientation Document. There currently is no recharge for use of X-rays.

Synchrotron Facilities

The LS-CAT beam lines are located at the Advanced Photon Source synchrotron at Argonne National Laboratory near Chicago. Access to LS-CAT requires specific APS training.  Data collection at LS-CAT can be done on-site at APS or remotely from the CSB. LS-CAT allocates 48 hours of beamtime per week for remote data collection using a beamline rotation. (Week 1 time is on 21-ID-D, Week 2 time is on 21-ID-F, Week 3 time is on 21-ID-G, etc). LS-CAT also provides weekly remote access training via the web. Your computer must be able to run Flashplayer in order to take part. The remote access is made possible through the use of reliable robot sample changers.

For remote data collection, samples are placed in pucks and shipped to LS-CAT 2 days prior to the scheduled time. The CSB has two puck kits (50 crystal capacity) available on a first come first serve basis. A UM crystallographic lab can sign out one kit at a time through Ashley Schork at ashlscho [at] umich.edu. Kits need to be returned to the CSB within three days following the lab’s scheduled time. There is no recharge for use of x-rays.


On-site facilities: Schedule time using UMXTAL calendar on Ctools (access restricted).

LS-CAT beamlines: Please send your beamline requests to Ashley Schork at ashlscho [at] umich.edu.  If your project is progressing under the supervision of the CSB, then schedule time through Jeanne Stuckey at jass [at] umich.edu.