Grant Assistance

CCG Grant Assistance

The CCG has provided several workshops and presentations on preparing grants for HTS assay funding. The CCG Director will provide consultation on grant preparation, review grant manuscripts and provide letters of support. Please contact CenterforChemicalGenomics [at]

for further information.

Reference Guide from NIH for assay development

Current Award Opportunities

Information on award opportunities for CCG researchers can be found in the CCG News section of the website.

Current Grant Opportunities

PAR-16-374 Assay Development and Screening to Discover Therapeutic or Imaging Agents for Diseases of Interest to the NIDDK (R01)

PAR-16-416 NCI Small Grants Program for Cancer Research (R03)

PAR-17-438  Assay development and screening for discovery of chemical probes or therapeutic agents (R01)


UM Grant Opportunities

The Michigan Diabetes Research Center provides funds for diabetes related projects (pilot RNAi and small molecule screens).

Nathan Shock Center provides funding for aging related projects.

Center for the Discovery of New Medicines provides grant awards for drug discovery research in all therapeutic areas.