About the CCG

The Center for Chemical Genomics (CCG) provides expertise and resources for U-M researchers and others to use modern high-throughput screening (HTS) approaches in tackling basic biology or novel drug discovery projects. Dedicated staff with years of pharmaceutical industry experience guide researchers in assay development, compound or RNAi screening, as well as chemoinformatic analysis of results. A wide range of methodologies are available including optical plate readers, high-content microscopic screening, HT-Flow cytometry, and protein thermal stability. Both targeted and diverse compound libraries have yielded new chemical probes and drug leads, many with in vivo activity.

Primary colon cancer spheroids

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The Center for Chemical Genomics  (CCG) wishes to thank the following sponsors for their generous support: University of Michigan (UM) Life Sciences Institute; UM Dept. of Pathology; UM Office of the Dean, UM School of Medicine; UM Dept. of Internal Medicine; Michigan Diabetes Research Training Center, Michigan Institute for Clinical and Health Research; Michigan Center for Translational Pathology; UM Comprehensive Cancer Center; UM Medical School Endowment for the Basic Sciences (EBS); UM Office of the Vice President for Research; UM Medical School Tech Transfer Fund; UM Molecular & Behavioral Neuroscience Institute; and The Gregory Alan Margolies Fund for Cancer Research.

The CCG is an integral part of the Structure and Drug Screening Shared Resource at the U-M Comprehensive Cancer Center. If you are a U-M Cancer Center member using CCG services, please remember to acknoweledge the Cancer Center Support Grant (P30 CA046592) when publishing manuscripts or abstracts. Suggested Language: "Research reported in this [publication/press release] was supported by the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health under award number P30CA046592."