Parent Lab News

**Would you like to look into cells and unravel its workings? Do you see yourself working in an interdisciplinary workspace? Parent lab is looking for you to join its ranks.**

June 5, 2018: Summer has arrived and with it interns with an outlook as fresh as the Michigan blooms. Yu-en joins us through the LSI Perrigo fellowship, Kalina through the through the ASPET  Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow (SURF) Awards and Yaniris through the  Cancer Research Summer Internship Program. We wish them a pleasant and fruitful stay.

May 1, 2018: Fatima Javed and Lauren Bailey join the lab as GRSA graduate students. Fatima joins us from the Cellular and Dev Bio program and Lauren joins us from the Cancer Biology Program. We are going to have a blast.

February 19, 2018: Fatima Javed joins the lab for her final lab rotation. Welcome to the lab. 

January 7, 2018: Christina’s paper was accepted for publication in Cellular Signaling. Congratulations Christina!!

January 3, 2018. Andrea Pesch joins the lab for her final lab rotation. We are excited to have her here. Fun and Science ahead.

December 18, 2017. Dr. Parent was installed as the inaugural Raymond and Lynne Ruddon Collegiate Professor of Cancer Biology and Pharmacology. Congratulations!

December 15, 2017. LSI Holiday party is a great success!

December 17, 2017. The Parent and Coulombe lab hold the First Joint Annual U.Mich Christmas get together. Science was discussed in spite of a moratorium on doing so.

 October 31, 2017. The Parent lab celebrates at the LSI Halloween party and participates in the pumpkin carving contest.

October 30, 2017. The Parent lab decides to celebrate El Dia de los Meurtos at the LSI halloween party.


 October 22, 2017. Lauren Bailey joins the lab for second lab rotation. Welcome to the group!

October 8, 2017: Bhagawat’s review in Seminars in Immunology is now online. Congratulations Bhagawat!! Read more about it here.

October 18, 2017. Syed Hussain, a sophomore at UM in Biochemistry, joins the lab. Welcome!!

September 1, 2017: Shuvasree (Sree) SenGupta joins the lab as a postdoctoral fellow. Welcome on board!

September 28-29, 2017. The lab attended the Annual Pharmacology Retreat in Maumee Bay Lodge and Conference Center on beautiful Lake Erie. Congratulations to Ritankar for giving a great talk! 

September 19, 2017: Alex’s paper was accepted for publication in Molecular Biology of the Cell. Congratulations Alex!! 

August 1, 2017. The Parent lab lands in Ann Arbor!!